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Here at Wilkins Center, our team of experienced specialists is committed to helping patients overcome all types of eating disorders – from anorexia and bulimia to binge eating, obesity and much more. For over 30 years, Wilkins Center has shown that the majority of eating disorder patients can be cured, and most others will improve significantly.

A results-focused approach

At Wilkins Center we proactively address disordered thoughts and behaviors. During this process, both patient and family receive psychological support and practical guidance.  Most patients make progress quickly, and many are cured in under 1-2 years.

The power of personalized care

We take a holistic and highly personalized approach to treatment that is designed to meet the unique needs of every patient, regardless of their age or background. An experienced senior physician will consult with the patient and/or family to develop a customized treatment plan that will be implemented by the most compatible staff members. You'll find a wide range of outpatient services, including psychiatric, medical, and nutritional care. It is this comprehensive approach, combined with essential compassion and support that has helped Wilkins Center achieve excellent results for over 25 years.

Always available when and where you need us

We understand that your time is precious and your needs are urgent. In addition to daytime hours, our staff is available during evenings and weekends or for services in your home. Our director and senior staff are available online, by phone, and in person for questions and coaching throughout the treatment process.

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