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We feel very fortunate to have received several letters from our clients, both past and present, reflecting on their personal journeys of recovery and how Wilkins Center has helped them. Below is a selection of our favorites:

You probably hear thank you allot...had I not gone to the Wilkins Center, life would be very different for me today.  The care that I received literally changed my life's path and outlook on it.  I'm excited to be me now.

"You saved my life. Thank you."

I went from feeling not worthy enough to deserve a partner or good things, to...being open to life. I have an amazing husband and two stunning, beautiful, healthy, happy girls.

"Because of our work together, I am alive, well and free."

"Thank you for joining us at our wedding. Without you, this would never have happened. We will both be eternally grateful."

"Thanks for being there – emotionally and professionally – at one of the darkest hours of our life. Your compassion and wisdom helped us through it all."

"If it weren’t for the Wilkins Center, I don’t think I would have conquered my ten year nightmare."

"I realize that you and the staff are greatly responsible for the health and happiness I now have."

"I want you to know I really am all better. This year I’ve been dealing with some very drastic circumstances. My feelings are similar to the ones I felt when I was bulimic. However, this time I didn’t eat away my problems. I got back into therapy as quick as I could."

"If it weren’t for the Wilkins Center, I would still be in the same RUT. Thanks to you, I consider myself a ‘recovered bulimic’. I am a relatively happy person – married and expecting my first child! Who would have thought I would be in this lucky position four years ago."

Like I will probably say until the day I die, the old stuff will pop up for me now and then, but I have the skills to deal with them because of you and your team, so I don't have to expose my kids to the ugliness of that part of my life.

"I want to formally thank you and tell you how deeply indebted I feel. I was able to get pregnant (gained 40 lbs) and have a wonderful healthy son… Thank you for giving me back a relatively normal life."

“I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to all of your team. Your staff are not only the most insightful and talented therapists I have ever worked with, but it's as though our family has been blessed with a team that finally makes us look into the core as a family and work on our life in a way we never knew was necessary. Overall, it has been and continues to be a life changing event.”

“I would like to express my appreciation, gratitude and admiration to you all for the help you have given my daughter. When I saw my daughter return from college and listened to what she said, I realized the enormity of her weight loss and impaired thinking, and I saw the necessity of acting quickly. Our doctor recommended the Wilkins Center. We must have had a guardian angel watching over us at that moment. I am still surprised by the speed with which you acted: how quickly Dr. Mickley made an appointment -- on a Saturday -- and recommended two nutritionists, both of whom could work with us between Christmas and New Year. I am greatly impressed by your combined knowledge, understanding, flexibility and firmness in your interaction with my daughter. And though I know that we are not out of the woods, that she may well be dealing with eating problems for many years, I am astonished by the progress that she has made: thanks to you all. She is eating three meals a day, plus snacks; she is looking completely different, and she is beginning to realize that she was too thin. I think that one of the reasons for the progress was the respect our daughter immediately felt for each of you. There was no nonsense, no treating her like a baby or a mentally deficient teenager (whatever she was doing to herself!), but a clear laying out of the problems and the possible solutions, an achievable series of goals, and an understanding of who she was and why she was doing this. We have also appreciated your communication with us. It is very difficult to find yourself the parent of an adult who is destroying her health, when in so many ways she is not fit to take on the responsibilities of an adult. My husband and I, our son, and all the friends who shared our concern for our daughter thank you for all that you have done. We feel, too, much more confident about the future because we know that you are there for us.”
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