Family-Based Therapy "Maudsley"

“Thanks for being there – emotionally and professionally – at one of the darkest hours of our life. Your compassion and wisdom helped us through it all.”
– L.M. and S.E., New York City, NY

For over 35 years, Wilkins Center has proudly delivered the most innovative and highly effective techniques available to treat eating disorders. In fact, Wilkins Center has shown that the majority of eating disorder patients can be cured, and most others will improve significantly. In many cases, patients make progress quickly, and are often cured in under 1-2 years. “Maudsley,” or Family-Based Therapy (FBT), is an approach that achieves excellent results for preteens and teens struggling with anorexia.

What is Maudsley?

Maudsley is an outpatient treatment in which parents play an active and positive role to help their child recover from anorexia. Unlike some treatment methods that discourage parent participation, Maudsley considers the parents an essential resource in the recovery process.

Maudsley includes three phases:

- Parents help restore their child’s weight to healthier levels
- Control of eating is returned to the child once recovered
- Tools are provided for normal development and the formation of a healthy identity

This approach was pioneered at the Maudsley Hospital in London, researched at Stanford University in the United States, and is commonly called “Family-Based Therapy,” or FBT

Maudsley At Wilkins Center: A Distinct Approach To Supporting Parents

At Wilkins Center, we understand that as the parents of a child who is struggling with difficulty eating, you may be extremely worried and even overwhelmed by your child’s symptoms.

We also understand that in addition to eating issues and related weight loss, your child may be sad, unsociable, or otherwise not him/herself. Our team of seasoned experts is committed to supporting you every step of the way. First, our director will meet with you to discuss whether Maudsley is a suitable approach for you and your child. If it is, our team will engage you as partners in the treatment and recovery process, because you know your child best. The Wilkins Center team is available both in person and online to answer your questions and provide hands-on guidance. Our medical specialists will monitor your child’s health and safety, while our registered dietician provides specific re-feeding tips and strategies. Our psychological staff will also support you and your child throughout the process. You can even speak with other parents who have used Maudsley and helped their child recover.

Keys to Success

The Maudsley Approach:
- Separates your child from the illness
- Supports and encourages your child
- Gives you, the parents, a leadership role in combatting the illness

Promising Results from True Leaders in the Field

The Wilkins Center proudly serves as one of the nation’s leading outpatient centers for the treatment of eating disorders. The Maudsley approach is a valuable component of our comprehensive medical, nutritional and psychiatric care. Our services are designed to meet the individual needs of each patient, and our team provides the unconditional support and compassionate care your family needs at every step.

“Thanks for giving us our daughter back.”
– J.G. and L.G., Fairfield, CT