Information for Parents and Loved Ones of Those with Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are among the most complex medical conditions, but with proven, results-focused treatment they can be cured.

Overseeing all aspects of care

At Wilkins Center, we understand that trying to get your young, teenage or adult child the critical help she or he needs is an overwhelming process. Wilkins Center is focused on partnering closely with patients and parents, and serving as your expert guide throughout the treatment process. We will develop a comprehensive and customized treatment plan and help you understand:

- What to expect at every step
- How to monitor progress
- How to negotiate problems as they arise

What you can expect

At Wilkins Center, the patient and/or parents meet initially with a senior staff member, a recognized expert in eating disorders, who makes an assessment, describes treatment options, and remains involved throughout the process to coordinate the team of Wilkins specialists who are best suited to the situation and family.

Patients, and parents of younger patients, are seen as crucial collaborators in successful treatment.

Our team works cohesively, collaborating to provide a skillful, available and supportive team. The setting is warm and informal, with a strong personal commitment to each person and family. This is coupled with a staff of experienced specialists with years of successful outcomes.

The good news about eating disorder treatment

Although eating disorders are challenging and complex, they can often be treated successfully with an approach that is comprehensive, effective and highly personalized. When your loved one conquers their eating disorder they will enjoy the rich rewards of recovery, including:

- Living a longer, healthier life
- Enjoying more honest and open relationships with friends and loved ones
- Reaching their full potential both physically and emotionally
- The ability to enjoy healthy eating with family and friends
- The sense of peace and self-confidence that comes with regaining a healthy mindset about food and their body.